Products with a Purpose...Clean Water

Welcome to Clean Creek Products, a division of non-profit Stream Restoration Incorporated. Every product you purchase from Clean Creek will not only support the artists that create them, but will help volunteers working to restore Pennsylvania's over 16,500 miles of polluted waterways.

Looking for a gift that will please the most discriminating taste and help the environment too? Clean Creek pottery repurposes the metals recovered in treating abandoned mine drainage to achieve the deep, rich coloration of our ceramic glazes. 

All of our pottery and jewelry is hand-made by Pennsylvania craftspeople. The beauty of each piece lies in the fact that no two are exactly alike. All dimensions and capacities descibed are approximate. Thank you for choosing Clean Creek, where your purchase works for clean water!

Watch the PBS video, "Clean Creek Products," broadcast on 10/30/2014 as part of the Greenlife Pennsylvania series.

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